About Our Practice

For more than 35 years, our practice has been committed to serving the legal needs of clients in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

Real Estate Administration

Our office is located in Vermont, but — as shown in the scenic image above — from our front porch we are able to see across the Connecticut River to New Hampshire.

All three lawyers in the office are admitted to practice in New Hampshire as well as Vermont. We bring to bear, on all legal matters that we handle, a cumulative total of nearly 50 years of experience practicing law just a few hundred yards from the border. The two states have different legal requirements in many areas, and at Grossman & Ripps we pay close attention to these differences to ensure that every legal proceeding is completed fully in accordance with the laws and practices of the appropriate state.

In addition, our clients often tell us that we have especially competent paraprofessionals. Our paralegals and office assistant also have broad experience in completing the full range of real estate and estate planning matters in both Vermont and New Hampshire.