Our Real Estate Practice

Closing Room

Pictured above is the office’s primary closing room, which offers a lovely view of the Connecticut River. We also have a second closing room, giving us considerable flexibility in scheduling closings and other transactions. 

Buying Property

Grossman & Ripps assists buyers of real property throughout the Upper Valley in working toward closing their transactions in a competent and efficient manner. We perform and review title searches and issue lender’s and owner’s title insurance. We have expertise in reviewing and correcting title issues specific to the Upper Valley. We also coordinate with real estate brokers, as well as local and national lenders, to prepare closing packages and to conduct real estate closings.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

We work with a majority of the local banks and mortgage lenders in the Upper Valley to assist clients with refinancing their mortgages and obtaining home-equity lines of credit. Our office is included among a select list of law practices that local banks recommend to their customers to aid them in completing such transactions. We are also able to work with all national lenders.

Selling Property

Grossman & Ripps also works with sellers to draft and provide the documentation necessary in order to sell real property. Vermont and New Hampshire have specific and distinct requirements in this regard that our office has nearly 50 years of experience in navigating.

Landlord-Tenant Relations

In addition, we represent landlords in the review of residential lease agreements and, at times, in asserting their rights under leases.

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