Our Estate Planning Practice

Estate Planning Dan Grossman’s father used this typewriter when he started a business in 1954, and Dan learned to type on it in the 1960s. The safe came from Richards Shoe Store in Lebanon, N.H., where it held their business papers from 1906 to 1985, when Dan bought it for his practice.

At Grossman & Ripps, we take a common-sense approach to estate planning. Each individual has a different set of concerns. But we do not think that high-quality estate planning necessarily involves high costs. We strive to achieve a realistic understanding of each person’s needs and to prepare a plan that meets those needs in a common-sense, prudent way.

We are Vermont and New Hampshire lawyers, with a solid grounding in the laws of these two states. What some self-styled expert on TV says is appropriate for New York or California is typically not appropriate here. We use our many decades of local experience to prepare plans suitable for our New Hampshire and Vermont clients.

Estate planning is useful for people of all ages, for a variety of reasons. Estate planning not only deals with people’s affairs after death, but also helps them to organize their affairs during their life. Basically, estate planning documents both direct how people’s assets will be distributed after they die and specify who can help them conduct business or make medical decisions while they are living. Estate planning also allows young parents to appoint guardians and trustees for their minor children; married couples to manage the changing estate tax landscape; and clients of any age to decide how they would like to pass assets from one generation to the next, instead of that transfer being determined by state law.

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