Frequently Asked Questions

Clients often wonder about various aspects of the work we do for them — here are some of the questions that we hear regularly.


Our office — pictured above — is located just over a mile from the center of both Norwich, Vt., and Hanover, N.H., and offers plenty of immediately adjacent parking.

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About Real Estate

Does it matter whether my property is in Vermont or New Hampshire?
  • No. Our office is in Vermont, but the firm has actively practiced real estate law in both states for over 35 years. In fact, we can see New Hampshire from the front porch of our office, just 100 yards away.
What does a lawyer do in a real estate transaction?
  • For a purchase: For purchases within the Upper Valley, Grossman & Ripps typically searches the record title to the property, arranges for title insurance, prepares for the closing, conducts the closing, and winds matters up afterwards. Our office communicates with the buyer throughout this process. If concerns arise during the transaction, a lawyer will often assist in the resolution of the issues.
  • For a sale in New Hampshire: In New Hampshire, we will typically prepare a deed for the property and a statement of consideration for the transfer tax.
  • For a sale in Vermont: The sale of real estate is Vermont is more complicated. In addition to a deed and a property transfer tax return, there may be several other documents required, depending on the transaction. There may be documents or returns relating to land gains taxes, income taxes, current use valuation, smoke detectors, fire-safety laws, and so on.
What are the costs of a real estate transaction?
  • For over 35 years, we have embraced the need to keep our charges for real estate services competitive. We strive to keep our procedures efficient and economical so we can remain competitive within our market. Costs are typically greater for a purchase transaction than for a sale transaction. Some charges are flat fees, other charges are based on time spent. Contact us to learn more about our fees.