About Our Internships

Our office has a long history of welcoming and teaching students at many levels of their education — including law school and college.

For law school and college students interested in the law


Katherine did an externship in our office during her third year at Vermont Law School.

Grossman & Ripps provides clerkship/externship/internship opportunities for law students and college students who are interested in working as apprentices, alongside the lawyers in our practice. Such students will both gain exposure to real-world legal work and learn what is involved in operating a law office.

Over the years, we have had a number of law students work as summer clerks. During these clerkships, we stress the application of the theoretical skills that students learn in law school to the real-life issues our clients bring to us. Our law clerks work only on matters that lawyers would otherwise handle. For over 35 years, we have been committed to not having law clerks engage in clerical work.

We also regularly welcome students from Vermont Law School (VLS). Some work with us full-time under the semester-in-practice program, while others work with us part-time through VLS’s externship program; both programs are for-credit learning experiences.

In addition, on several occasions, we have worked with college students who are wondering whether the law might be an appropriate profession for them. We have engaged such students for legal internships of varying lengths. Here, again, we try to help such students learn skills that are relevant to being a lawyer rather than just giving them clerical work.

All three lawyers in the practice take very seriously their responsibility to teach law students, as well as college students interested in the law, what is involved in being a good lawyer. Both of the office’s lawyers engage in educational activities with such students on a daily basis.


For college students interested in an office internship

Internship Opportunities

Krystyna was an intern in our office for the summer and on her winter break from nursing school.

Each summer, Grossman & Ripps engages an administrative-legal intern, most often a college student, to assist us in performing the administrative and business functions of a law office. Our summer internship is always a paid position (at market wages), but we also regard it as a learning opportunity for the students we hire.

Over the years, we have engaged students ranging from sophomores in high school to seniors in college to work with us during the summer, and occasionally during their winter breaks. We help our interns learn a variety of administrative and business skills that they will be able to use throughout their working lives. We also help them appreciate the importance of confidentiality, punctuality, and client/customer service, while at the same time teaching them a whole range of skills needed to operate the very sophisticated computer systems in our paperless office.

We typically have one student in this role each year, very occasionally two, though the role is usually different each year and the type of student may vary from year to year. Our former summer interns have gone on to careers in a whole range of professions, including teaching, nursing, accounting, social work, banking, college administration, engineering, computer science, wildlife management, and public relations. Three former interns are now paralegals, two are lawyers, and three are physicians.

To learn more about either of these opportunities, contact Dan Grossman or Markell Ripps.